The National Citizens' Initiative


October 23, 2009

The Society is Still Uninformed of the Perils in the Armenian-Turkish Protocols

Yerevan?Today, the National Citizens? Initiative (NCI) convened an off-the-record roundtable discussion devoted to the dangerous terms stipulated in the Armenian-Turkish protocols, the low degree of public knowledge regarding these documents, and the potential avenues toward stopping the approval of these protocols. The meeting brought together university students, analysts from the Armenian National Assembly, and young members of several political parties.

In the commonly shared view of the participants, these protocols contain preconditions that are unacceptable for Armenia?s interests. The attendees also discussed the political opposition?s and the civil society?s role toward impeding the validation of these protocols and their probable actions to that end. The event?s contributors also underscored the necessity to mobilize all resources, unite the efforts of all political and social organizations that are against these protocols, and, in this effort, to ?drop? all political party banners and to ?raise? but one banner, that of Armenia.

The discussants specifically highlighted the need to inform the society. The reason for this is because it is apparent that numerous people are influenced by the one-sided propaganda disseminated on pro-governmental television and that the movement saying ?no? to these protocols is wrongfully perceived as protests against the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border, the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and, consequently, against the formation of normal bilateral relations.

In closing, the roundtable participants decided to continue their various actions?such as holding pickets and demonstrations, distributing pamphlets, and convening roundtable discussions? being organized against the endorsement of these protocols and toward informing the society about the perils of these documents.

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