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July 14, 2011

“Let Us Assist the Youth Centers of Sushi and Berdzor” Campaign

Facebook Users Support the Youth of Artsakh

Yerevan—Armen Rakedjian, founder of the “Aravni” NGO ( of Mountainous Karabagh Republic’s (Artsakh) Shushi town and an Armenian repatriate from Paris, was in Yerevan for several days. During his stay Rakedjian introduced project proposals for developing the Youth Center of Shushi and informed that he needed assistance to bring this project to fruition. To note, thanks to Rakedjian’s individual efforts and Artsakhbank’s financial help, the Center has been provided with minimum office furniture and supplied with ten computers. But this is not enough; English courses for groups are also a part of this undertaking.

The National Citizens’ Initiative (NCI) had petitioned Facebook users to “Let Us Assist the Youth Centers of Sushi and Berdzor.” And as a result today, on 14 July 2011, eighty books, fifteen DVDs, seven monthlies, writing materials, a printer, and 35,000 Armenian drams—on account of which a brand new HP Printer-Xerox-Scanner 2050 was purchased—were collected for the youth centers of Artsakh’s Shushi and Berdzor towns. According to the arrangement, Armen will personally deliver a part of the books and DVDs plus one printer to “Hayer” youth club of Berdzor.

In this connection, and on behalf of his NGO and “Hayer” youth club, director Armen Rakedjian of the “Aravni” NGO of Shushi expressed his gratitude to Facebook users Aram Jivanyan and Nare Aramyan; ARSIEL Electronics Company, represented by its manager Hrach Hovhannisyan; the Armenian Center and for National and International Studies (ACNIS), in the person of its administrative director Karapet Kalenchian; and other contributors for their invaluable support.

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