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February 12, 2011

NCI Attends Regional Forum on the Caucasus

Tbilisi—As part of the delegation comprising members of Armenia’s civil society, the National Citizens’ Initiative (NCI) analyst Armen Torosyan participated in a regional forum, with the theme “For Stability of Caucasus,” which was held, from 11 to 12 February 2011, in the Georgian capital. The event was organized by the Greens Party of Georgia and with the support of the Green Forum Foundation of Europe.

The meeting brought together NGOs, civil initiatives, and media representatives from Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. The Armenian delegation also included chairwoman Karine Danielyan of the “Sustainable Human Development” NGO; chairman Stepan Danielyan of the Cooperation for Democracy Center, and its member, Ruben Sargsyan; Mariam Sukhudyan of the Teghut—forests’—Protection Group; Marina Garachyants of the Helsinki Civil Assembly of Armenia; Vahram Soghomonyan of the “We are the Masters of this City” civil initiative; and chairwoman Inga Zarafyan of the “EcoLur” NGO.

The participants from Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan addressed the forum and also discussed issues dealing with the effective use of ecological and natural resources, the economic development in the region, and societal wellbeing and security matters. The delegates also examined the strategy for future joint activities, which must be anchored in the shared efforts toward the prosperity of the people living in the region and must serve as basis for raising the ecological accountability and societal justice, and securing democracy, protecting human rights, and guaranteeing regional peace—all for the sake of a sustainable development.

And today, on February 12, the regional participants of the forum adopted the agreement “On the Cooperation Principles for the Stability and Sustainable Development in the South Caucasus,” according to which the sides agreed to:

a) form, for the  purpose of carrying out an effective and a productive work activity, a coordinating group—on the basis of the precept of parity—comprising the representatives from the political organizations and civil societies of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan;

b) include into this group those civil society members who accept the principles of democracy and of the Green Movement of Europe;

c) shape the group’s activities on the basis of mutual respect, collaboration, and mutual accord;

d) launch, upon the formation of this group, the activities toward creating a common platform entitled “Regional Security and Sustainable Development”;

e) direct the active efforts of the coordinating group toward all interested sides, including the international organizations, which accept the aforesaid principles; and

f) create and consolidate, with the group’s assistance, a shared virtual network whereby the individuals and organizations, alike, can take part in the discussions on the sustainable development of the region.

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