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June 1, 2012

Statement against Xenophobia and Intolerance in Armenia:
Initiated by NCI, Adopted by the Armenian National Platform of the EaP CSF

Yerevan—Today the Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) adopted the text of a statement against xenophobia and intolerance in Armenia, which was proposed by the National Citizens’ Initiative (NCI). The document reads:


The Statement of the Civil Society Forum
Armenian National Platform

about the Raising Xenophobia and Intolerance in Armenia

1 June, 2012

CSF Armenian National Platform expresses its deep concern with regard to the explosion of the DIY club in Yerevan on 8th May, 2012, as well as about several responses that have followed. We strictly condemn any expression of xenophobia, and homophobia particularly, and all those who directly or indirectly encourage the dissemination of intolerance in Armenia.

We consider unacceptable the attack on the participants of “Diversity March” on 21 May, 2012 in the center of Yerevan and all the efforts to express a position through violence in general. Therefore, it is vital to get a decisive response from the law enforcement bodies on the concrete expressions of violence. While the police ignores the alarms about the persecution against the owner of DIY club Armineh (Tsomak) Oganezova by the people campaigning for an unhidden xenophobia.

It is even more concerning since the advocates for intolerance and xenophobia include representatives of some political forces, including the ones in power and represented in the parliament. Particularly, the announcements about the above mentioned events made by RPA Press Secretary, NA Vice-President Eduard Sharmazanov, RPA Council member Hovhannes Sahakyan, ARF- Dashnakstutyun NA fraction deputy Artsvik Minasyan are unacceptable.

This process of intolerance dissemination in Armenia, which is encouraged by some representatives of political elite and is accompanied with expressions of violence, can have severe consequences for the Armenian society and state. All the efforts to link the xenophobia with national values, moreover, to justify it with the latter, to put the national interest in contradiction with human rights will generate new dividing lines in the country. We find the freedom and justice to be the real national values, the respect towards the rights of RA citizens and their protection to be the real national interest. We call the healthy forces of the society to get consolidated and to raise their voice against the dangerous intentions of the dissemination of xenophobia.

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